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Cost per Square Inch?

Homepages are the most valuable real estate in the world. Millions of dollars are funneled through a space that's not even a square foot in size.  - Jakob Nielsen, www.useit.com

At W2PS, we can handle all of your basic web needs.  Most of the websites we develop are "bridge" sites, that get a small business or non-profit organization started with their Internet presence.  Our basic web services include the following items:
  • Domain name search and registration ($25/year, two-year minimum startup)
  • Website setup ($25 one-time fee)
  • Creation of web pages ($75-100/page, depending on complexity)
  • Hosting (See table below) 
  • Website changes or updates ($60/hour, billed in quarter hour increments)
  • Shopping services using Paypal ($60/hr setup and coding, billed in quarter hour increments)
  • Email addresses (included in hosting fees)

Web hosting is basically "storing" your web pages in a way that people on the Internet can get to them.  Most hosting companies charge a monthly fee to keep your site live.  They will also cover the costs of maintaining your email accounts associated with your website.  The table below shows the hosting fees from W2PS.  A 15% discount is available for accounts choosing to pay for services on an annual basis.

Service Monthly Payment Annual Payment
(15% discount incl.)
E-mail only $10/month $102/year
Website only, no email $15/month $153/year
Website and email $20/month $204/year

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